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What is an Advisory Body?

The City Council has established a number of advisory bodies to review City programs, projects, and community issues. Members of the community are appointed to serve on the advisory bodies to provide greater community participation and public input in the determination of City policies. The Advisory Body Handbook contains detailed information about each advisory body.

Any citizen interested in volunteering to serve on one of these advisory bodies is invited to complete an  Advisory Body Application and to return completed applications by email to the City Clerk's Office or mail to:

City of San Luis Obispo
Attn: City Clerk
990 Palm Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Who can be appointed to an Advisory Body?

All registered voters within the City are eligible for appointment to an advisory body. Participation on advisory bodies by non-registered voters and non-city residents may be permissible depending on the nature and purpose of the advisory body, as determined by the City Council. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of appointment. City officials and management employees are not eligible to apply.

How does the process work?

In December of each year, the City Clerk's Office conducts a recruitment campaign for advisory body positions that are due to expire in the upcoming year. A Council Liaison Subcommittee will interview qualified applicants and forward its recommendation to the full Council for consideration. Applicants are encouraged to read the Advisory Body Handbook and to attend at least one of the advisory body meetings prior to the interview with the Council Liaison Subcommittee.

If an unscheduled vacancy occurs, the City Clerk's Office will contact qualified applicants to determine whether they want to be considered for the vacancy. Applications will remain active for one year and applicants will be contacted to renew or update their application. You are encouraged to apply at any time, as applications on file will be considered for unscheduled vacancies.

Can I attend an Advisory Body meeting?

The public is welcome to attend the meetings of Advisory Bodies. If you are interested in serving on an advisory body, you are highly encouraged to attend at least one of the Advisory Body meetings before applying. Visit the City Calendar to find out the next time the Advisory Body is meeting or visit the advisory body webpage to learn more.

Is there training for Advisory Body members?

Training Video

The City Clerk's Office and City Attorney's Office conducts a training every two years to review Conflict of Interest laws, Brown Act regulations, and best practices for meeting management. Newly-appointed members are encouraged to view the recorded training and to communicate any questions they may have to the City Clerk or City Attorney.